Oh! What a Miracle!

by Protextor

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From deep within the Earth, formed by Air and Water, emerges Professor teK, at once eternal and superficial, boldly moving forward in the only way he knows how -- a way readily apparent by the album you now hold in your hands. Having witnessed past incarnations and past attempts at glory, all must assuredly agree that the album you are about to thoroughly enjoy is one of great dedication, one of great strides and improvements -- one filled with some truly dope shit. Long dormant feelings may be stirred within you by listening to this album. That human and sincere need for motivation will find root and come forth after completion of 12 tracks of listening. Invest your time in the sweet muse of music found here and you will surely be rewarded ten-fold! For within its subtle depths lies the key that all artists seek, the key that unlocks the door to our hearts and minds, and when you find it, Oh What a Miracle it can be.

--the librarian
2011, Austin, TX


released September 1, 2011

Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc. at Austin, TX.
Executive Producer: p-teK
Lead Engineering & Production, Recording, and Mixing: Krang
Producers: Krang and Samlive
Album Art and Design: Sean Simons (sean-simons.com)
Inside quote excerpts William Blake

My most sincere thanks to Krang, Sean Simons, Samlive, Felix Thunder, Dessa, Esther LaVonne, Claire Puckett, generic, Old Man's War, Mom and Dad, Louis Doerge, Matt Puckett, Mother Falcon, The Sour Notes, Toy Joy, Midwest Quality Music, Doomtree Records, Adam Rapp @ Sports Rapp Live, Sampson Redbeard, and Luna Artemis

This goes out to those holding their breath.


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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Track Name: Greetings from the Life!
p-teK rhymes with reject
and p-teK rhymes with respect
and i get both so i don't need this shit
i get play but i don't keep it
i'm tweetin' out the tweeters
went from "he's alright"
to "jesus christ
could we supply
this freak a mic?"
so keep those eyelids
peeled and don't be surprised when
i leap and dive in
and a million fishes swim out like
some freakin' brine shrimp
sea monkeys
lookin' for free lunchies
they're hooked by the hook
and hopefully'll give me money
flashback to my past when
i was just a geek starting
chef boyardee around my mouth
after eating ravioli
my first school, my second school
elementary darling --
throw a weird new kid in the fray and
watch him get beat bloody
then watch him learn how you work
he hurt, but he studied
you heard me?
i herd you
you're beef and he's hungry
fuck it he's starving...

i'm never going home again
the road stretches out ahead
and i'm gone
i'm never goin' home again
and this is just the beginning
of my song
i'm never goin' home again
but when i get to where i'm goin'
i'll send a postcard
i'm never goin' home again
so so long
i'm up and on

lonely road is travelled by the lone wolf
cut the babblin'
go for broke
or go home
we ain't battlin' madeline
went from too aggressive to not hood enough
from lettin' it pass to "no! it's just not good enough!"
from the puttin' up
with shit in junior high
cut the bullshit you decide
what would you do?
i double dare you
figure it out
stupid wild and
crazy kids
but this ain't nick
already got my guts
so let the show begin
i was alone and i didn't know
anything at all
but i followed my hopes so if
anything at all
just know i'd do
anything at all
for the moment
i first felt this shit begin to call me
i was falling
now i know i should let go
but i don't even remember what
i had to let go
i'm too high up on the ladder now to ever let go
heck no
and i just
wanted to say that i'll miss you all so much
but i've got to go
this is the life

i'm never going home again
the road stretches out ahead
and i'm gone
i'm never goin' home again
and this is just the beginning
of my song
i'm never goin' home again
but when i get to where i'm goin'
i'll send a postcard
i'm never goin' home again
so so long
i'm up and on

never let anyone tell you you don't deserve what you want in this world
that's fuckin' absurd
strip the suit ditch the loot and just run
this is the truth and it's fun
hey no one's business-proof but
a little looseness never did a bit any sickness to this one!
you risk it you play it you make a lot of mistakes
or work a job and complain but i'm not gonna take it!
watch me be great.
Track Name: Mic Check feat. Felix Thunder
loddie doddie the rhymes are like a shotty
automatically spittin' that shit to get the
party jumpin'
pumpin' like a work out the trunk
torpedo flows'll get your battleship sunk
puttin' the stank on it like los angeles skunk
test your luck if you thinkin' you can handle this punk
go 'head
catchin' lumps while i'm pitchin' this
these three strikes
i do the psycho boy please
it's the picture perfect verses in the framework
makin' y'all knuckles feel the pain's just a perk
yes, the steve urkel man
i did that
i'ma tell you how your girl is
when i get back
jk lol have that coke and a smile
i'm just big dick ballin' and i'm pokin' your style
it's that psychotropic dopeness in the opus
no hocus pocus, your boy's just focused, ah

focused? they called me an egghead
but now my brain's on drugs -- fried
and hard boiled like an asian gunfight flick
you punch I kick
i could hit a fleck of dust off
a bug's eyelid
bug-eyed and mindless
i'll fuck you up right quick
aw man just the luck i get
tryin' to justify my thug
to some uptight prick
aw whacha want a punchline bitch?
i'ma fly ya to the ma'fuckin' isle of cyprus
"i don't know karate but i know
brand spankin new
and makin hits is easy
keepin' it phatter than bacon bits and cream cheese
jeez louise
we shakin' shit for sheezy
you wanna be fly?
here comes the bee sting
we uma you the ishii
we gut you
cut to:

live on deck Felix Thunder and p-teK
keep the gears hittin' switchin'
we spittin for life
live on deck Felix Thunder and p-teK
we gon' be there in a minute
it's just a mic check
keep the gears hittin' switchin'
we spittin' for life
we'll gon' be there in a minute
it's just a mic

check the bomb collabo'
lettin' off a salvo
iron man and war machine
word to john favreau
i pick the vocals out as if they had an afro
make my activator with a wire through your asshole
we camp lazlo
on beats like this
dumb stupid animation when we spit that gift
two gifts that spit
that's us in a nutshell
couple nuts shellin' out the hits like a pump hell
fire and brimstone
you wonder where we been known
we masterin' these classics while you sweatin' out a ringtone homes
i'm gonna go chris brown when i bring it
beat your face up with my buick smash your window and sing it
like deuces
to wack rappers and producers
and give these haters every drop of my creative juices
but all jokes aside respect to p-teK
hip-hop 'til we're deaf or death or mic checks

i'm somewhere between nicki minaj and dessa
or prince and nas
mos def-initely
a lotta pressure
and mr. kanye west
this album's got it's guests already
but don't stress
i'll getcha on the next one
etcetra etcetra
you're gonna have to pause the records
at the shop
cuz we just bought out the hip-hop section
you're like ross from friends was
a sitcom that just got moved to Fox --
aww, cancelled
now it's safe to say we murdered this track
cut it into little pieces put the words in a black
plastic trash bag
it's underneath the dirt in nevada
and orange you glad I didn't say banana?!
or say this shit is
b-a-n-a-n-a anyway
i'm makin' ya half-buzzed
takin' it back because
this radio rap sucks
y'all are my dawgs
so roll over beethoven
i'm the baller
make ya wait til I throw it
Track Name: Brain Machine
kill me kill me kill me kill me
cuz i don't wanna sit through this anymore
kill me kill me kill me kill me
cuz I don't wanna live through this anymore

you know it ain't nothin but a lil bit of that and
a little bit of this
mix it in the vat and
ya get a lil bitty rabbit
ya pull it out the hat
and they pay you all the cash that you ask
you turnpike magicians
with so much pity
i learnt my position
and i've known my enemies
and you are no such nemesis
i still owe you recompense
(and your flow's still second-best)
better get some oxypads for those blemishes
do not be mad I'm better than
you I'm inevitable and bull-headed enough to pull it off better off dead
meta-philosophical medical school
level prepped for your head
cuz the professor don't fuck around
when it comes to adrenaline
the pressure builds up and
son of the son of sam
so when it's summer sam
go to the middle of the suburbs and
pump this like your fucking jam
just entered incredible mode
step on those toes
let me in
i'm ready to blow
like B.I.G. was ready to die
this helicopflow
is ready to fly
lunch is over i am done with my humble pie
motherfuckers try to hunch you over
punk you so you're undermined
come up from right up under you
smother you with a bunch of lies designed to crush your spine
fuck it go doubletime
so guess...who?
i'm the best...new
friend ya never made
too late
you hated on me through grades
k through 12
make yourself
cuz I'm comin' outta my shell
screaming "turtle power"
'til the drum's scared
call me donatello
cuz i'm a renaissance man
i keep the microphone held in my honest hand
these cuts are flawless gemstones
in my hourglass
and when all the sand
gets to the bottom
paint it all black

awwww...i'm the brain machine
awwww...come play with me
awwww...i'm the brain machine
awwww...come play with me

see i won't rest 'til i got my own wind machine
and my own fog machine
this is not a dream
i am about to cause a scene
floss my teeth with my dirty laundry
pawn my tv for a bong and a wii
"how you gonna play it?"
you ain't the boss of me!
steal cheerleaders from the varsity!
i'ma run for mayor so i can
downsize the cops
rappers want pussy
but i think outside the box
wanna make hits not kids
yeah someday i'll find a nice lady and that'll be it
'til then
y'all can stay off my dick
cuz i got some bombs to get dropped off at the box office quick
well that is unless you're
awful awesome as shit
then we can take a long walk with a bottle of Jim down a bottomless pit
oh i know there i go again with another qualifier
fuck all i'm a ball of fire
like dhalsim from street fighter 2
i stretch so best
retire dudes
I'll pay the checks on the pension if you promise to leave writing

oooooh...i'm the brain machine
awwww...come play with me
awwww...i'm the brain machine
awwww...come play with me
come play with me baby
i need a playmate.
Track Name: This Bridge is Burning for You feat. Dessa
you can carry a torch,
or you can bury the hatchet
but love is less a game
and more like playing with matches.
good looks and bad habits
they run like jack rabbits
old flames they flare back again
proving that old adage
burn me once, burn me twice
then come back over with roses in one hand, one hand still on ice.
guess our history’s a skipping disc
it scratches, catches, then repeats
but i’m bound to make that needle jump,
this cut’s been played to pieces
got a plan, got a steel nerve
got a pretty steady hand and i heard
little trouble with a man, better dead it while you can
if he wants it let him have that last word.
all i need is steel, and flint, some luck and a dark night,
all they’ll see and hear is click, then whoosh, then a bright light

light in the water
heat in the darkness
the neighborhood kids wanna know how it started
they ask if i know what it is and i certainly do
it's a bridge and it's burning for you

remember way back?
back when the porchlight worked?
back when the torch I burned
was wrapped in the clothes I'd worn
and lit with a fortnight worth
of broke lighters
and of course I would've more than liked to make it work
but then that lightbulb papped its final flash
and I was burnt
remember we picked a new bulb up
but couldn't get the fixture open?
now here's to hopin' most sincerely that it isn't broken
it is?
well here's a token to the little moments
stick to the plan and live with abandon
keep on building a bridge to nowhere
your scent is on my shirt again
it's a perverse encouragement
a fertile blend
of herbal essences the hem of your skirt I guess
just never'll let me rest
inconsiderate urges
intimate burdens
better I burn my house down
than risk the insurance
better I kill this cricket
just in case he's my conscience
better I burn this bridge
before you can make me cross it
we fire walked together
on again off again
next time you see a spark in the darkness
you'll think of your moth
and often

light in the water
heat in the darkness
the neighborhood kids wanna know how it started
they ask if i know what it is and i certainly do
it's a bridge and it's burning for you

i knew a girl once
i was crazy about this girl
was lazy and maybe fading i made her do all the
oh baby i was a baby and lately i've been a
been breakin' these hearts so daily it feels like goin' to
and i'm facin' the disdain for the changes that i've
oh maybe i shoulda stayed and then maybe it woulda
but i'm grateful for all the pain and i'm grateful for all the
i'm just sorry if i complained and i'm sorry i made it
and I'm sorry I made you be the one to make it burn
wait your turn

the thing with bridges is they burn.
Track Name: An Attempt at Focus
late one night i held my knife to my chest
for five minutes i laid in bed
just one light press...
it'd be nice to get some rest
but the phone won't stop ringing
fuckin' social butterflies want me to go to some thing and
i just wanna disappear
cuz they can't offer me anything
your attempts at comfort just piss me off more than anything
cuz you want something from me
in return and i don't have it
i can't help that you seem to have formed this connection with adam
adam's not home
he took the cash and he ran
i'm sure he's happy wherever he is
he practically danced
out of my body
like a demon
my name is hollow shell
would you like to test my limits of tolerance now or are you still
too enamored to have some common sense?
i attempt to stand up and get off the bed and drop the shiv
this is just fucking nuts.
Have one rational thought you dumbass don't fucking cut
your way out of the situation.
what a selfish stupid impulse
cowardly courage that won't come
hell is too suspenseful
...or not suspenseful enough
predictable so much i know how it ends from the front
i discovered at a young age that this was the curse
but it never got better in fact it's been getting much worse
it's cuz i'm clever
and don't confuse that for arrogance
that's a goddamn fact
and i only use it for self-defense
actually i am arrogant
but don't confuse that for merriment
hating the person i've become
is just so good for your stereos
it's catchier when it's sad, right?
so you can identify with how i feel
in the tunnel i'll be your flashlight
aw, maybe i just need to get fucked
need a cunt, oh...
"that's gonna make people uncomfortable"
the word cunt? well...
how about pussy when i use it to describe you?
you pussy scared of language
how the fuck else can i fight dude?!
i'm not tough
and i don't own a gun
and while we're on the subject, who in the fuck wants a gun?!
the most powerful weapon that any pussy can shoot
i guess it makes you feel safe
knowing the playing field's been leveled for you
no skill is required
to perform these basic tasks
and you're NOT pissed off?
how fuckin' crazy is that?
half of me desperately wants to see the good in people
and the other half is laughing hysterically
at how this world is see-through
i'm dying to hold on to my humanity
for real
i don't want to be the villain here i can't stand to be
and i hear that
some men just wanna watch the world burn
and i'm afraid i'm one of them
but no i don't like violence
i'm just not surprised by it
so i guess i'm just frustrated when people
don't see what's in front of them
i need to run real quick.

i was running across the lawn
and i saw someone waving from across the pond
said to myself it's just in my head
but i had to go back and see it again
it's like no matter how i try i can't leave it alone
cuz i'm sure someday they're gonna need me i know
so i keep on looking just running in place
should i go or should i stay?

okay i'm back
i just feel like my rant was getting too unfocused
so let me rope it in and try to hold it closer
been holdin' on so long i'm getting ropeburns
i screamed for help for awhile
but then my throat hurt
use the word "loner"
because it helps to justify it
and writing this i'm nervous
someone's gonna fuckin' try to
untie it
i won't subscribe to that diet
stop tryin' to make me healthier
i don't need your concern
you can have your high moral fiber
i'm gonna eat my desert
i'll have taco bell with chocolate milk
yeah throw in some greens and herbs
it's called balance which you have none of
but i practice every moment
so good luck catchin yourself
when I kick your pedestal over
and I'm tired of gettin shit
for kickin' shit over
this is my rant for anyone who sees a mirror in my photo
this is a snapshot of a rash moment snapped for no reason,
i'll be the mascot for the bad thoughts you'd rather deleted.
i'm fully aware that the world is falling to pieces
all i ever wanted was a girl to share the grief with
to stand with me
by my side and watch it burn
but she's gotta be incredibly smart
and hot in turn
is that shallow?
wow, i thought it was deep
but if we're in the circle of trust
it'd be a goddamn relief
i want a smart blonde
to give me carte blanche
with my hard-ons
and afterwards we could argue about art and so on
is that so wrong?
oh god
maybe i'm better off as i am
maybe a belle to the beast
would end up crushed in my hands
i just need something to break before i do
i just need someone to say that everything'll be fine dude
okay...attempt at focus
this is just a single photo
now onto slide 2.

keep the projector on!
Track Name: A Prayer feat. Claire Puckett
Lord, I must be strong now,
I don't belong now in this world anymore.
I'll say a final prayer for
those I care for who've kept my company.

My destiny is clear,
I'm dying to have you near
to me Lord,
I don't belong now,
If you are waiting,
I'm not afraid to die.
Track Name: True Romance feat. Esther Lavonne
your eyes say they're gonna kill, kill, kill me
your 45 is gonna kiss, kiss, kiss me
i'm puttin' on my lipstick all nice and pretty
i'll pick you up at 9 so boy be ready

step one:
eyefucks, dry humps
see each other at a club and go "oh hi um"
she's got a nice butt
yeah junior high stuff
step two:
put your left shoe on the right cut
dance real slow
don't turn the lights up
step three:
is it just me
or is this nice hon?
step four:
red or white
step five:
spend the night
step six:
freak out leave after breakfast
i think something is wrong with me
but when i catch it
i want it to leave
i can't stop myself
from obsessing
and that makes these chases obsolete
like i got her in my sights but never shot the skeet
'scuze me don't mean to be rude
talk is cheap
but this one might get my heart to beat
whaddya mean this is how it always starts with me?
i saw her yelling at me in slow motion in the future and i turned to run but then she grabbed me by the shoulder and said

your eyes say they're gonna kill, kill, kill me
your 45 is gonna kiss, kiss, kiss me
i'm puttin' on my lipstick all nice and pretty
i'll pick you up at 9 so boy be ready

alright okay
i been derelict in my duties
to share some spit with a cutie or two
a paralytic consuming nuisance and
yet i'm a fool i'm a stupid fool yeah
i'm a dog and i drool
try it to play it cool
but too much pop music got me
all stupid
well call me thick but it's
ballroom blitz
no poker face, i throw in all my chips
let's talk about sex like salt and pepa
cuz i clean up nice but i dirty down better
here's some free advice
let her dance for awhile before you go get her
she really got that joie de vivre
lookin' at her move I can hardly breathe
not a thing missin'
ain't no cheap trickin'
and didn't I didn't I didn't I
miss it

she said i'm right outside i'm waiting on the porch (porch)
i made a run like i was breaking for the door (door)
she waved and disappeared while i waited sitting here because
i've tasted blood and i want more (more more more)
my god what are you doing to me?!
now i'm up all night putting moves on the sheets
and i realize that i've been stupid
but baby please
you were the little red corvette for me
now i've lost my drive
and i've lost my mind
you have no idea what a mess you leave
and eventually
you'll regret this!
please don't leave
i take it all back
just sing!

your eyes say they're gonna kill, kill, kill me
your 45 is gonna kiss, kiss, kiss me
i'm puttin' on my lipstick all nice and pretty
i'll pick you up at 9 so boy be ready
you got secrets they all told, told, told me
when your clip is empty you can hold, hold, hold me
and i'm puttin' on my lipstick so boy be ready
true romance is never nice and pretty.
Track Name: Clark and Lois Vs. The World
i am riddled with scars from the women i've loved
so don't belittle my starship when i'm sittin' above
this one's from barcelona when we kissed in the pub
this one, my car was towed when we were still gettin' up
this one --
oh shit i am buzzed
i'm in trouble
and then some
you gave me drinks and got me talkin'
now which one of you switched my cup with a finished one?
and when will that goddamn blizzard come?
cuz i'm a wizard with women
a wit and charm and innocence
leads to mixes and lyrics
about you
slick gimmicks
nothing mixes with vinegar
i feel vicious and sick about
how i made you numb
when it eventually ended
or how i made you come
when my business was in you
innocent victims
sometimes i just wanna listen to scissor sisters
women are beautiful
i'm affixed on this image
but the image i remember
is just too thick to reminisce without some wincin' up
now quit the tensin' up
and get the trenches dug
all's fair in you know so you go
where the tension's fun
and i am more than happy to
play along and be the desperate one
you say the best is yet to come
along the spectrum of lights at the end
of tunnels a perspective set to sun
but i am not much for the pendulum
i don't swing with the tide
i just stay still and let it
let it wash away the
and if i try hard i might talk away the lust
gimme another drink i'm onto something
cuz i want my perfect ten.
yeah i want the world again.
and it's

not all that hard
once you get used to it
really not that hard
once you get used to it

it's not hard
but sometimes i forget what time to get up for the paper route
and mama says i gotta pay my dues
before i play with you
once we were young in love so much -- i woulda stayed with you
we were young and broke, could barely pay for food
once we snuck off at a party to make some moves
so "wake up maggie
i think i got somethin' to say to you"
love never gives what it takes
and mistakes are scars
keep makin' mistakes when playing God
i kept my words smooth and kept my face hard but
i will warn you this right from the start
i will try to sound like the good guy when i break your heart
Track Name: Don't Let Me Fade Away feat. Felix Thunder
since jesus and judas
caesar and brutus
now it's down to me and you
we get to see who is who bitch
the meaningless movements
of flies feeding off sewage
that sinking feeling of losing
the looseness...
we used to be two peas in a pod
the beast and the beauty
the reason and rhyme
the feast and the food
the need and the want
now the teamwork is gone
for petty reasons forgot
we both
dropped the ball
so please realize
i never meant to beef with you dawg
we were a squad
didn't know where we were going
but at least we were tryin'
i mean at least we were on
our way to something
better than wondering if this meathead shit would eat us alive

how did i become a split personality?
i used to murder cyphers
now it's me battlin' me
how could they take you seriously?
i mean...seriously.
how did i turn against me in the night?
i used to love that burnin' nervousness
you'd see in their eyes
after they heard you spit
for the first time
oh yeah you always remember the first time

i'm feelin' so nauseated
what if none of us artists make it?
hearts a'breakin'
the hardest part is often that someone in charge will pause your playlist
stay quick on the draw
and arrangements
don't wanna be bought in a bargain basement
hip-hop is my God and Satan
heart, till the fall, omega
still i'm constantly trying to one-up myself
i got more insecurities than
a busted jail
and they're all breakin' loose
like hell
what can i say or do
to make bail?
i obsess over my setlist
every time i give or send it
pretend to be record executives
take their perspective
is it too dense or too pensive?
too empty of set objective?
endlessly stressin'
ain't progressive
just makes me reckless
but why should i even worry?
fuck those other guys
i know i'm good as shit at this
they never even fucking tried
but i'm getting older and older
and i gotta get paid for this
otherwise i'll end up working retail 'til i'm 86
aw shit...

how did i become a split personality?
i used to murder cyphers
now it's me battlin' me
how could they take you seriously?
i mean...seriously.
how did i turn against me in the night?
i used to love that certain nervousness
you'd see in their eyes
after they heard you spit
for the first time
oh God you always remember the first time

i tell myself that i'm young
there's so many years ahead
and one day i'll be the man
that i want to be
but i'm not sure when that'll come
so i work as hard as i can
just promise me this
don't let me die
don't let me fade away

way to go buddy keep your
(tell myself that I'm)
angry soul running from the
(so many years ah-)
brink of bowhunting
i just think it's so funny
so I keep the storm coming 'til
(i want to be)
i finally run out of thunderbolts
and as far you're concerned i'm untouchable
i'm the only one who gets to do any damage
to my one and own so fuck you both
have fun alone
one of us has got to go
so that i don't
one of us has got to go
so that i don't
one of us has got to go
so that i don't
fade away
Track Name: Cold War (Question I)
question one:
when does love cease to be enough?
when you're beaten up
and seein' double
in the fetal position
kickin' screamin' like a three-week-old
speakin' up got you bleedin' but
believe me you're
on the verge of seein' somethin' none of us has ever seen before
and will never see again
quit eatin' what
they feedin' us
put down your spoon and grab a knife instead
matta' fact go grab your nicest pen
he without vice
can be the first to slice my neck

and so I pulled out my flaming sword
but it was just a cold war (oh lord)
so I pulled out my flaming sword
but it was just a cold war (oh lord)

no shots fired --
imaginary enemies
on the battleground
nobody to shoot at
just shadows now
oh the power of imagination
the cap-gun cowboys and calvaries went down for the count a tragedy
and it's all for dramatic effect
to outline all the themes of the passage we read
an emotional reaction
a lapse in the laughtrack
tune in next saturday for dramatic reenactment
and stack the bank
with impossible wealth
when they say action
i swear these models'll melt
they got the lights too bright
i mean it's hotter than hell
i fight their order with KOS:
knowledge of self

and so I pulled out my flaming sword
but it was just a cold war (oh lord)
so I pulled out my flaming sword
but it was just a cold war (oh lord)

but I guess that it's written
there's no rest for the wicked
resurrected pencils no
three sevens in my hizz-ead
but i'll triple my business at blackjack
so lemme tell spit you a tale
sit back relax
(get down to brass tacks)

once upon a time there was an innocent boy
he was gifted with the power to enter the void
and bring back fantasies from the human mind
he would entertain your dreams long as you had time
he was true and kind
and through him much truth was given to the blind
much room was given through the light
room for all
to be inside and find who they were through his ever-moving eyes
but then came along an old old man
with a long silver cane in his cold gold hands
he was no storyteller but he made a great case
that fear and love both come from the same place
he copied off the boy and he kept a straight face
and used people's hopes for p-p-paydays
we're all actors in a claymation
so when you mold yourself don't forget
you don't have to use the same clay
Track Name: Meiko Kaji
they talked shit I ain't give it though
no cuz they can't stop my stride
cuz my real friends really know this is when
i feel most alive
so shhh shiskabob
while i put my grill to the mic
if you really don't mind
i'm just killin' some time
with some venom I thought to write

can't turn my mind off
the second that I wind down turn the lights off
been livin' this way for an awful long time now
since I was yay high
i've hated nighttime
they said "go to the doctor
get some anxiety pills"
i said i don't have health insurance
and i'm savin' what money I do have up
to put this album out, stupid
so enough with the self-improvement
too many things on my to-do list
too many rings to rule the ghouls and
too many singers that aren't in tune yet
too bad since return of the boom bap
i blew past kids in every school's classroom
bastard wouldn't work in a group
too slow
cuz i already knew what i had to do

if i am anything in this world i'm honest
and if nothing else these words are toxic
to obnoxious little followers bloggin' about their first world problems
grow up whiners
i'm a self-centered asshole whiteboy
ya don't see me cryin!

cuz i'm brave enough to admit it
i knew exactly what made me different
didn't have to pick and choose from a list of moves
just got on the dance floor and hit it
half of these bitches don't have it within them
to go as manic as i get when i hear samlive say "sic 'em"
what's that saying bout standin the kitchen?
whatcha saying when i'm snappin the picture?
i see ya working on crafting an image
oh you're crafty but i ain't seen any actual energy
all game no heart
all play no smarts
since when don't artists
create no art?!
so go ahead kid, and rap for the riches
top cat don't rap for the kittens
and when you hear "who stole the soul" and the irony hits
i'll get another masterpiece written
dig it.

they thought they knew me cuz they saw my insides
but all they really knew was that i looked tired
they thought i grew because i stood a bit higher
but it's an illusion -- i'm hoisted up by these wires
i'm flying on stage and i'm crawling on land
i'm buying my way with pockets of grandiose posturing and
i'm buying my verses with pockets full of punchlines
like an old lady counting out change at the store to get a persona
(so what?)
networking? i'm terrible at it
i thought this game was meritocratic
well apparently that isn't all that's it's cracked up to be
and the fact is that we ain't in a fairy tale adam
you've been very romantic
and it's been cute
but the fact is you've lost something very
important on the path to becoming a
character actor...

but I lived before I talked shit
didn't try to copy shock jocks
to walk in
(if i am anything in this world i'm honest)
so fuck shocking
been done, they got it
rather take a harder path and actually mark this
territory with up some smart shit
and stay true to me but how to market myself as a new rapper if I'm not retarded?
(to the TARDIS!)
i'll appeal to your sense of "do what's right"
scrap it up on every track
like do or die
meiko kaji's been so quiet
but she's about to duke and dice
bring out the katana blade
prove the style
when the scorpion stings
in the right place
at the right time
hard to deny
stars are aligned
i'll be me you be you
Track Name: Oh! What a Miracle!
a supernova cracks in half
and a man stands back with a backwards laugh
where the chips fall
pass to past
make new ones
go grab the maps
see i wanna bathe in the eclipse for awhile
as the sun dies
i will sit with a smile
there's no point in simple denial
this isn't wizardry, this is a big relief
like the camera's on your face
for the last photo
ever taken of you
this is when we see the grass turn red
this is when we get to face the truth
either that or we realize
we've been colorblind the whole time
but don't mind
this is when we get to stand innocent
with our jaws open wide
just sighin'

oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle
when the merry-go-round goes
and it's spinnin' you
merrily you go round
'til the sound stops
and you drop
to the bottom with a rock and a parachute

a man borne of woman
a woman borne of man
and they dance
understanding no movement
except where to put their hands
and they scratch at the surface of each other
'til they both bleed
marks of the past
to scar and to last
so someday they can look back with need
and be so grateful
for all the heartbreak
cuz in no uncertain terms
they were alive in those gone days
they were unafraid of the dirt and worms
standin' dirty and disheveled
with virginity in shambles
burn the house down
get the curtains with the candles
love me
turn us into vandals
thank you so much for the doors
that i can't close

oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle
when the merry-go-round goes
and it's spinnin' you
merrily you go round
'til the sound stops
and you drop
to the bottom with a rock and a parachute
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! what a miracle!
oh! oh! what a miracle
when the merry-go-round goes
and it's spinnin' you
merrily you go round
'til you walk off
and you're not
what you thought
you're a wasp on the marigolds

i just walked away
and i found what i was looking for
all the time that i was staying
now it just feels commonplace
i used to hate what i saw
now i love it with distaste

it's the feeling of regret that you're never gonna shake
it's the worry that your best belongs to another day
and that's okay
it's great
it's a little bit of stress, it's a bigger bit of shame
it's an intimacy test where you never get a grade
but when you're depressed then at least you know your place
but i don't know how to run
no i don't know how to run
i don't know how to
don't know how to
run away

so now i sound like a hermit
hiding underground with a sermon
for the brown cows
and the vermin
plow through the words with
a permanent nervousness learned
from the crowds since i first hit
because there ain't no answer
and that's the only one thing of which i am sure
but that's a comfort to me and i can't learn
how to separate myself from the terror
but god damn am i happy that i found that
can't imagine myself anywhere but on track
like a drowned rat
i was thirsty and stupid and may have had too much
but shit i hit the ground fast
and made a loud splash
now who the hell am i to wish i hadn't done that?
i fucked up
and i dealt with it
i'll last
i could just weep but it's not sad...
i'm just a wolf who got lost in a dogpack
and called and no one called back
but if all of us just want that
then it's okay
and maybe i can almost relax
but the fact
that i would give it all back for nothing
let the sun bleed
i'll come running
those two halves (two halves) still make one (one) piece

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