Play Nice Mixtape

by Protextor

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(free) 02:42


A collection of recordings from 2012.


released March 1, 2012


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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Track Name: Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx feat. p-teK - Night Call (Remix)
they said I would never make it
they said it's all how you take shit
and yet they still sittin' on the pot just waitin'
no wax no discs no bass amps
i just find it hilarious
you can be a wizard or you can wait for that fairy dust
or you can barely trust anyone
carefulness caution
the only ones who cared i'm white were white kids
but damn I trixxxed 'em
i think they likes it
i played the victim
for the sympathy
never got myself caught
in no silly beef
and it's just killin' me
to see the ego trips
you got a new whip?
i'm the repo man
you wanna prove shit?
you're gonna need a hand
i'd lend a hand but mine are tied
my mic's into s&m
(listen man)

y'all don't really really know what I roll like
i'm so nice
there is no ice
so no, no dice
you talk a lotta shit but this ain't a bullfight
get it?
matador -- traje de luces
burn bright
i'm already gone on that return flight
get nuts?
yeah I think I sure might
strip clubs?
rather hit up the turnpike
when I say 'bitch' i'm talking to you
not her --
i don't care anymore
you're right
i don't stare anymore
i see -- pure sight
for the first time in my life
i'm free
i've never been so sure this is where i'm 'posed to be
fill in the blanks
i'm past it
mad libs shit
i'm the noun who verbed up your verse just with an ad lib
i'm this
i'm that
pick an adjective

and i will jump for you
but i don't jump thru hoops
no i don't fuck with moves
i just fuckin' move
what's the ruckus dudes?
i don't trust you fools
you been playin' so long in the sandbox
you think you're sand
i mean damn
give thanks now
pass that gravy boat
cuz we on a gravy train now
thanks to the haters cuz the hate's lovely
and when I run out of rocks
i'll throw my voice,
Track Name: Scaredypants!
Vs 1:
Ya barely dance
ya scaredypants
Stand still -- I dare ya man
(Nope nope!) Not in Paris, France
(Nope!) You are not Parisian
You are carefully scammin'
these girls outta their Capri pants
Oh yeah you gotta be hard
or you ain't shit --
boxers please stand
Because I got a lot problems
and I thought that you could solve 'em
with your b-b-barely hands
But I just cuh-can't be friends
with a punch-drunk dumb thug pair of fists

I keep on runnin' til the sun goes down
But I ain't gonna run from you
I keep my shit on lock I run this town
And I will suffer too
I'll suffer you
So I keep junkin' til the motherfuckin' war is through
And you will not escape
I keep on telling you this is what I was born to do
Now you just watch and wait

Yeah I'ma let it ride like that
You're so scared --
Why am I like that?!
Yeah I'ma let it ride like that
til the drive-by wiseguys fire back
Yeah I'ma let it ride like that
I will not ask
Yeah I'ma let it ride like that
til the rhyme bite back

Vs 2:
Sorry dude --
didn't mean to startle you
Some of my raps got melodies
but no autotune
I gotta do what I gotta do
Watch for the follow-thru
Clock and 2
That's just a free throw
Play another free show
and another
make it at least three bro
How else will I get this sweet flow to the people?
a powerful motivator
feel so good that i feel like i chose my haters
I'm so away
Fuck it, I'm the rollerblader
in the skate park
and these cats play hard
But I know the players
Fuck it I coach the players
Get it?
I just got the best roll so there
Overture over
I roll like a stoner
A photo, the cover
Expose in the shutter
Track Name: Unless We Get Snow
Vs 1:
I was conceived out of love
in the spring when the birds sang
Valentine's kiss
and a beat for my first days
Grew in the summer when the sun
makes the earth bake
born in winter
smelled death on my birthday
the caramel sweet scent
that you get when leaves die
and the freeze dry
of the cold air
makes the beat live
punctuates every sound in the silence
heat slides inside of it
like this
Like you speak a word that cracks a hole
in the frozen air
and you can hold it there
and I was born to bear
the deepest of the cold with care
and keep the springtime passion buried deep underneath the snowy layers
I know how to sleep
and I know all my prayers
cuz it gets so lonely here
see in the winter you feel alone and bare
I feel right at home
I'm a polar bear

There ain't nobody that I wanna be
next to right now
But I can think of a few places
where I could lay down
and I would feel so peaceful
I would let it all go
but that's not gonna happen
unless we get snow

Vs 2:
I miss seeing the leaves fall
turn red
yellow and orange
the air was mellow and warm
a cold breeze
and the smell of the storms
you could feel it on your skin
you could see it in the stores
the people would close up shop
before the sirens
cuz it might get hot right before the ice hits
water clung to the air
and it stuck to your lungs
drowning in cold steam
it was love on the run
and it was so fuckin' fun
to chase danger from the skyline
there's a tornado
you navigate while I drive
why hide?
this may be our only chance to tame her
let's go dance with nature
let's take a tent,
a blanket, and let the rain burn
and we can stay on that gravel road for days girl
I really used to think that
that we could just keep driving until the brakes burst

Vs 3:
When I was younger I would lie on my rooftop
Lookin' at the stars
thinkin' life is a good pop
song and I'm the singer
yeah my voice is golden
didn't understand how you'd be scared to hold it
but now I hold it in
afraid of the fire
I got burnt too many times
and I've stayed a survivor
through the flames and ignitors
that I turned off a long time ago
maybe I'm trying
too hard to reclaim those nights or
maybe I forgot that it could be a nightmare
but even at its worst I was being alive there
I was me and I liked it
now the stars have names
and winter just means
I have a car to scrape
and on the darkest days
I think back on the starting place
it was so hard
but i really miss
those scars and pain
So don't run away
I'm freezing
but there's snow on the ground
let's play
Track Name: Momma Raised Me Right
Vs 1:
When I was 6 I scratched my knee
My momma picked up and put me in the bath and she
Told me it's not the end of the world
Patched me up n got me back out to play
with the other kids in the woods
When I was 8 she provided me a science lab
Shot my home movies for me on the VHS-cam
Me and my friends would stage monster fights
She would help us make the fake blood
and say, 'watch the carpet guys!'
And I was really into Goosebumps
she would take me to the bookstore every month to get the new ones
She even took me to Kung Fu once
But I was picky so she stayed with my hobbies til I found a "cool" one
And then supported it
If I adored it then
It became important for her to show me how to go with it
She was the first one to show me that books were fun
When I wanted to learn
she'd show me how to look it up

Yeah yeah
It's a crazy life
I thank God momma raised me right

Vs 2:
Want to hear something impossibly amazing?
My mom could stop me from raging
but simply stopping and explaining
For instance -- this kid at school was obnoxious and a pain in my
butt callin' me names and bein' angry
I told my mom and she told me that sucks
but be sympathetic
People who act like that are usually sad
inside their heads
Don't let it get to you you're better than that
hold your head up
and respect them
And when I asked her what sex was
She wasn't nervous
she was a nurse and
she explained it like I'd get it
Matter fact that's the heart of the matter
I may be her baby but she never softened the facts
She treated me like I was smart enough to handle it
and at the same time was patient with the parts that I couldn't handle yet
I wonder if she realizes how impressive that is
Or to a young mind what a great message that sends

I never doubted for once in my life I was loved
And still I can't believe that I got such good luck
To have such an amazing woman backing me up
From the first day of my life to all the days to come

Vs 3:
When times were tough
she let me know it was okay to cry
when times were great
She told me I could fly
And to this day I rely
on her h onest straightforward advice
I don't know what I'd do without her moral insight
She told me how to treat girls nice
How to turn the other cheek
How to be proud of my work
How to be
How to love how to speak how to run how to dream
I thank God every day that my Mom made me

Coda (Spoken):
And when I moved away from home
my mom said "Go make yourself proud"
I'm proud already Mom. I get to say you raised me.
Here's to the woman who read to me every night, kept my head on straight, and let me follow my heart always. I'm too lucky. I love you Mom.

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