Sailor Ripley [EP]

by Protextor

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The debut EP of Sailor Ripley.


released June 26, 2012

All songs produced, arranged, composed, and performed by Sailor Ripley except Track 4 (written and composed by Chris Isaak).

Cover photograph by Kenny Couch.


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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Track Name: Camera Speed
I saw you try to write about it by and by
I saw you take notes
And in between of all the little margin lines
I saw the big joke
And every day you keep on lookin' at me with the same ol' blank expression on your face
And anyway you wanna get around it I can always tell
always tell
always tell
when you play

Camera speed
Sound check
Lights up

Keep on rollin'
keep on rollin'
for me
Keep on runnin'
Keep on runnin'
the scene

The cameraman is always such a flatterer
He knows your best side
and framing you in adolescent canvases
so you'll never die
And every day you keep up the rehearsing
looking in the mirror for little hints
Your friends are such a needy bunch of clingers-on
sing the song
read the blog
Someday you'll be just like them
Track Name: Why Don't I Own This?! (feat. p-teK)
Little girl wanna find it
and she don't-don't know how
Little boy wanna fight it
cuz he oh so proud
So delighted
you decided to show your face to the crowd
And I find that the sinners
get by on their own
And I find that winners
don't mind if you don't
but it's got to end somewhere
this shit is gettin' out of control

And the children sing...

If I had a little more money
then I'd have a little more time
Ya know I hate to worry 'bout money
so why is money always on my mind?
If I had a little more money
I'd have more time for you
and we could spend all that money
doin' any ol' thing that you like to do

I want it
Why don't I own this?!

What's worth your trouble?
What's worth your trust?
If you pay me double
I'll tell you once
But the old advice is true --
it's gone as just as soon as it comes

You can swap that out for a new one
Tradin' up a life
like you raisin' up a new son
Shocked, burnt
like a Shogun food-run
Are you done with your
plate yet?
I mistaked ya for a cool one
Now the snakes is waitin' on a boot-hunt
cuz I want what you want
It's true
I can't tell a lie or deny the truth so
I guess we in the same boat huh?
Pioneers out gunnin' for the goldrush
although most of us are gettin' coal dust
and the coal lungs
When the snow comes we'll get froze up
And if the flow does too, well...
you can go ahead and blame the cash
And if the tap starting running again, well...
you can take it back
Track Name: Summer Promise
On summer days
you used to say
"Hold my hand"
Fingers intertwined
left to right and
picking daisies then
Put one in your hair then
Snap a quick picture
if you got film where the petals land
On the ground
where we step
where we sit
where you laugh
where I ask
you a question --
Could you ever go back?
From this?
From the lack
of worry?
You and I
Can you think of a better way to make time go by?

And when the ground shook
I scrambled to try to find footing
But what was I s'posed to do?
And though I can't always bring back why
I'll always remember what I promised you

I will wait
I will wait for you

Now you're far
Far away
where the sky still turns grey
Here I am
Perfect blue
Every day
What's the use?
Summer days
You used to say
"Hold my hand"
Now mine are dry
and cracked from the time spent
chasing hopes
holding on
to the rope
bloody palms
so I wrote
you a song
just to show
I haven't forgot
And they say
when it's gone it's gone
But I've never been the kind of guy to take what they say to heart
Track Name: Everybody Wants it Back Now
I saw you
on the front lawn
with your shoes off
tryin' to call up the One
I saw you
on the front lawn
You exhaled
Turned the phone off

You thought that maybe that old feeling would come back if
only you could make the pieces fit
You blamed yourself because the puzzle never showed you
what you wanted to see in it

You was on the way out
I was on the way up
You was on the way out
I was on the way in
You was on the way out
I was on the way up
I just wanted to say
don't you worry, because

Everybody wants it back now baby

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