The Undertow [EP]

by Protextor

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Produced entirely by sounds made by the human mouth, The Undertow is a short EP about art and ego written and performed by p-teK.


released May 1, 2012

written and performed by p-teK

keyboard on track 3 played by p-teK


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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Track Name: Part I
You got a good thing goin'
I got a good thing too
You wanna keep that rollin
You better stay in tune
Cuz ain't nobody gonna shank me
Ain't nobody gonna try
And if you wanna come and spank me
I think you'd better come by

Cuz there ain't nothin'
There ain't no thang
There ain't nothin'
That I'm gonna bring
I was a lone ranger
I was a lone stranger

You got a good name honey
I got a good name too
And I will hear you call it
Before the night is through
Let's go to a movie
Or we can go to a show
The only thing I request from you
Let's sit in the back row

What the fuck I'm gon' do
but shine this light on you?
Just find those vinyl loops
Show that tie and tie those shoes
I'm just a rollin' stone
but this moss won't not grow
the mobile phone I can't turn off
caught in The Undertow
so just so fuckers know
You think you know me
but you just don't so I'ma work it slow
Explain slow, see
I'd rather remain poor and stay gold
Than do my takes poor to make gold
Call that a bank hold

Cuz there ain't nothin'
There ain't no thang
There ain't nothin'
That I'm gonna bring
I was a lone ranger
I was a lone stranger
I am alone
I'm on my own
So baby just go
I'm on the road
Track Name: Part II
There's a place
where I hold
what I feel is me
Sometimes I let him out to play
Sometimes to eat
I told him that he had to play nice
Don't be Ralph Fiennes
in Harry Potter
I tried to speak
To snakes too but they bite my feet
It might just be
that there are two people
inside of me
One finds the minor league tiring
Playing finders keepers with
my niceties
The other is less moody
He's a "nice" emcee
but never likes the beats

Yeah he's the kind of emcee
My mom would like me like to be
But that shit gets boring
Yes I want to show you when it's snowy
It's cold and the windchill is so low
they cancelled class
I can't walk past
your dancin' ass
My point is simply that these assholes
do not grasp the facts
My ass is bad
A badass yeah
But I still got love for like everything
And I'm married to the music
You can check out the wedding ring
So that shit gets the best of me
Like I just wanna change the world
Like I just wanna sound cool tell it like it is
spread knowledge and raise a baby girl

And someday I will
but today I kill
Yesterday I chilled
Too much
Now today is here
And the way is clear
So why do I feel stuck?
Never was able to fold a map
Never was able to hold it back
Never was able to show much class
My phone's gonna die can I phone ya back?
Never was Cain either though
so please don't go
I'm not a killer
I am the one who sees ya
I AM my brother's keeper
I am the touch of ether
That puts you to sleep
for the surgeon
I am the headline on the paper
the day the world ends
Track Name: Part III
Gimme a pal and a bobsled
Like Calvin and Hobbes had
Cuz I'm a Calvin and Hobbes kid
I do what Calvin and Hobbes did
No to the catholic doctrine
Yes to the path lesser walked and
less backin' off outta caution
More than I ought to have on me
Or like that slob and his Bob-friend
into nautical nonsense
Since Aqua's Barbie Doll dropped been
off The Rock with Sean Con
p-teK's VX
who should I drop this bomb on?
Part Rolph, part Parappa
All dog
Off the wagon
barkin' up every tree
markin' up every street
and I gotta believe

Gimme a reason to protest
Cuz I can see through the toastin'
You raise a glass to your movement
I pay the tab with a smooth diss
I ain't hatin' to prove shit
I'm just the patient
I'm estranged from the cool kids
So when they tell you it's cool it
just means that you shouldn't do it
cuz in a week or so it'll be cool
to eschew it
You want a Dutch pick a tulip
I'll fall in love after school ends
Half of me is too in
the other half could give two shits
So I guess that I'm 4 it
the ego is the undertow
Can you swim?
I don't think we're goin' under though

We live underwater
We swim towards the shore
We live sons and daughters
Kick our heels and bend our oars

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