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This is the dream you cannot awake from
where the screams are only what you make them
scenes and scenes are playing like a rerun
And the floor doesn't budge where your feet touch
See this palace is crum-ble-in'
Alice took the rabbit to Wonderland
but you didn't bet on malice in munchinland
towering mushrooms and
flowers with mouths and hands
Behind you there's a fountain that flows with sand
And up ahead there's that fork in the road again
You need a guide, and I'm the only man
who has a chance to defend you and your soul so grasp
my hand
walk with me through this savage land
but if you lose the beat then the show will end
curtain closes the flows will be ghosts and dead
because I know the road but not the way home again

Now lemme break it down just to prove I know what I'm doin'
and maybe I'll make the crowd up bust a move with all the fluent
landscaping and paving of the sound, just trust the muscle movement
don't be fussy love just do it, and hush up the fuckin' students
the haziness and the pace of it's rushed but the tongue is loose so
the main idea of the game is when I bust
I am a shoe-in
better tuck those boots in
we're headed up to the ruins
that's menace, plus the Fu Manchu
whaddy'll do man?
this is the truth
the zoo,
smell what we're brewin'
I guess I'll tuck the gun holster the six-shooter
most of this shit's stupid
now what was the big brew-haha
what was the ooh-lala?
yes it is true that I
have come from the moon to find
fix and behoove your mind
Lose, losing, lost
Will I get through this time?
Not likely.
fruitless juice for the juvenile
Root you out and shoot you down
boom! ha!


from Look Up Motherfucker​!​! [EP] (2011), released July 8, 2010
Words: p-teK
Sounds: Krang


all rights reserved


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