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You been mad at the world for awhile now
Big bad lookin’ at ya straight steady with a smile now

Vs 1:
It’s been a long time since
I wanted to defend God
cuz I been agnostic for a bit and
Dear God,
I’m not religious
and hardly French but aw
they got me pissed off
Viva La Resistance
I’m off my meds
hoppin’ off this wobbly fence
Used to talk that big talk how we’d all be friends
But all this shit talk’s got me convinced y’all
that there’s a big stop to the convo when the party ends y’all
probably got into hip hop
in the first place cuz I could shit talk
but if this audience don’t listen
I’ma end up talkin’ my chick’s ear off
We all need someone to lean on
but a rock gon’ start to fall eventually y’all
so better be a branch and bend when the wind come
get a flexible income
get a check while they clearin’
get you prepped for the end
but you better have friends that’s well-equipped as we are
cuz we are
hidin’ in the trees with like Viet Cong
pop songs in the key of recon
greatest mistake the Devil made was showing us where he was
So I need God cuz I need context
for where we are
let the beat come back til they see stars behind these bars but
They won’t see us

I know you’re into me
but y’all will never know my name
When I’m gone it’s gonna be the same
Stuck again in an old good memory
I know my enemy
He showed me how to hide my face
I’m gone again now lookin’ out for my better me
Call me when you need safety

I been mad at the world for awhile now
Big bad lookin' at me straight steady with a smile now

Vs 2:
I need you close to me for the ending
Third act in a birdtrap
but they can’t stop you singin’
when I put my hand on her and feel her shake
I feel what Atlas feels with an Earthquake in his palms
And I shake back
We vibrate
You’re my world, baby!
Livin’ in hate but we in love
They ain’t never been in love
Don’t get greedy
it’s unbecoming and vicious
Don’t get needy
Stand on two feet each we don’t get crutched
we get crushed and push the rubble off each other’s bodies
and we get up
(and I can do this all day)


from American Neon, released September 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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