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I toss and turn another night in a row
trying to slow my mind down
but the violence withholds
am I goin' psycho?
runnin a million miles per second
with indiscretions tempted to break the bag
and light a bowl up
right this second
the medicine will soothe me till I'm
ready calm and collected
already bombed as a crackhead
let's put this all in perspective
what I said about regret
and repentance...
I never meant it
don't let me dive headfirst into the morgue again
the porn and sin just feel so warm and slick
4 am bent over the porcelain
shake it off baby cuz it ain't mornin' yet
I wanna ooooh all o'er again
the pleasure and flesh until I get me some rest
no more sportsmanship and your glory man
I'll sting myself to death to penetrate because
I am the scorpion.

Do the math
The beauty of your soul is burnin'
Do the math
Sweet resurrection
Do the math
This crazy world just keeps on turnin'
Do the math

Fuck this evil shit!
I stand upon my pulpit
with a penal fist
Judgment waits for all ye who enter here
stalling these bitter tears
my calling it is right here
wound tighter with more precision than a Swiss watch
hip-hop has been God
ta-tick ta-tick tock
since he was this tall
I better finish this brawl
used to think it was my flaming sword, that it was the end all
I'm gonna preach to the masses
send 'em screamin' salvation
the whores who babble on in Babylon
I'll teach the nation
I'll reach the rapists
a feat I'll take on just to be the savior just to be the new God
it's the cleanest fake-out
a moral high horse made outta treewood
a chorus of my quotes to lay down the evil
I'm dangerous see-through plainly a trustworthy creature
I'll smite you with my words
for I am the eagle.

I change my costume
but I remain the same
The face I wear
daily and the face I paint
We spin around the sun
till the shadows look flattering
Chase the days
til we forget that we're patterning
I don't like the face
that razorblade makes
you can use it to kill
or you can take the pain away
we spin around the sun until it comes to awake us
I just don't know whether to resent or to praise it

It's time to rise from the ashes
to metamorph to the phoenix
to blend the logos and pathos
into a born-again fetus
into a form of release needed
to condone elitism
with discreet hedonism
start shrinking these prisons
and self-realization
within the same person
it's like a Hell without Satan
it's a swell undertakin'
oh gee I know it's not easy
Jean Grey I'm hearin you baby
now strike the match and release me


from Look Up Motherfucker​!​! [EP] (2011), released July 8, 2010
Words: p-teK & Maren Roberts
Sounds: Krang


all rights reserved


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