How Bad it Gets

from by Protextor and Brother Bear

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They want you to fail
they want you to fight
they want you to lie
they want you to riot
they want you up nailed
they want you to die
they want you to be nothing
altogether nothing inside
they want to build walls
they want to isolate behind crumbling heights
and keep numbness a prize
for the ones who will be fine
no cousins in jail
no money on the line
don’t got brothers in sights
keep your country in mind
and go hunting at night

Vs 1:
I keep on loving what I want to despise
I never wanted a gun but feel like a gun by my side
might be helpful to run and I’m stuttering
while I’m writin’ this while they want me to say
it’s gonna be alright
maybe alt-right
an alt-J Delta sign
sign o' the times
I been kissing my heroes since they all died
better late than never to say
I been missing you guys
Not an inch of surprise for what is taken away
sacrifice is a word I didn’t say til today
pray for the sake of every corpse you that don’t meet
killer not honey
and be swarmin’ the streets
and I swore I could see
the most extraordinary feats
the force of a formidably
scorned storm against a boat in the sea
so if you fall over port to the ocean and go deep just remember
it’s important to breathe

And I don’t know
No I don’t know
just how bad it (gets)

You can save yourself
you can save yourself the trouble
We could be the ones
But I’m feelin’ that
I don’t love you
No I don’t love you
Wish I could
cuz history will judge you
but fuck you
now get the hell out my way

Vs 2:
You a shell of a man
I’m a credit card damager
never go low
in my past but if standin’ up
to a clown means punchin’ down
then goddammit bruh
so be it
cash me ousside
now how bout dah huh?
Cowardly lion be spookin’ the wizard
he feel suicidal
he lookin’ like Hitler
we stay in the shadow
and lay to the ground
play Illmatic on vinyl and
shoot at your picture
you losin’ to hipsters
you crude but we sicker
no no you don’t get words
your privilege ends sir
we are the bigger
the most tired of winning
and we are the biggest party
in the whole system bruh
you don’t get in
you get it
you finished
we indie we humble you drink take a big sip
and wrinkle to dust and I still got this big whip
See that boot take a big lick
and you can call that big dick shit
Thin prick
Down with the sickness
a clown in the woods with a Mounds bar for the rich kids
No nuts and a limp dick
blew a dog whistle
at an attack dog
got doggy treats
we call ‘em weed
and we gon’ snack on ‘em
I’ll see you in court
pleading the 4th
with a brand new tax audit
film backup porn of you wackin’ off
get back and call Rasputin
tell him the class doofus
has been caught again
Record that convo
mail it back to my Congressman
and the fact is all of it ain’t gonna bother them
that’s how I’m outta shits to give
so shit you give is comin’ back in opposite
it’s been a long time since I’ve called a bitch
a bitch
but bitch
I’m back
watch your goddamn back
and often, bitch

Vs 3:
They just goin’ thru the motions
like they wanna be a demon in the chorus
I’m just screaming for the coroner like
Please don’t take no more of us!
I got a feelin’ that we’re in for a lot
more darkness in store yuh
before the mornin’ comes
But fuck it cuz there’s more of us
stay sharp in the day
sunset we still holdin’ cups
You can drink the 5th of Goldschlager
and make shit with a golden dust
or you can melt it down
and pour it up
Fuck busy work
but I’ll be up at 5 AM sharp clear eyed
full hearted for the important stuff
underestimated and looked over once
Shoulda read the fine print
on the deal before you tore it up
consider this a warnin’ shot
across the bow to slow down before you go too far
and blow us up
We showin’ up now
Thank you for showin’ us
ourselves in the mirror
signed sincere
yours dear
Pro and Puck


from American Neon, released September 8, 2017


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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