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I'm hiding and scrapping underneath the stairs
Cuz I can't find another habit to release the stress
and I have had it with the blackness and the bleakness here
Tired of rapping in my caddy to other people's shit
weaker lyrics
than I pack it's just the ease that gets
me repeating like a pair of parrots,
p-teK's here
it's time to fashion up a mascot, cheerleaders to cheer
That egg's been crackin' on the skillet for at least a year
So hack it,
Sit back with it,
Crack in
Mash the mash potatoes and don't subtract the skin
I'm back again
That fantastic pack of the saccharin
passionate raps again
without the nasty trap of the caloric fattiness
but with the caffeine tabs for the master of machinists
I'm also oh so past all the crap and the wackiness
So let me show you cats that I'm phat and let that be this
I'd be quite happy if
you'd catch my drift
but this hype track's gettin' to be the type that I can't stand
Lifeless mannequinism bites and injures the fans
This kind of transmitted symptom flies when shit hits the fan
Alright, I'll fix it again but why does it never end?
I'm tired of fightin' rich little kids with pencils and pens
But the mic is in my hand
So I guess I'd like it if you'd stand.

I'm trapped inside of my head for days
an asinine lapse of time
a left reprobate
I'll grapple lines the fastest here comes the end of days
So pass the mic
to Adam like it was a singed potato
here we go now here's the showdown
don't you tempt the great
great scott
your flow's predictable like women's menstrual states
hey this is a great place to start a dialogue
so toss a firelog on the fire, put down your firearms
This is my new God his name is Mike and he's a microphone
He's gonna help decide which side is right and yes, which side is wrong
A true American stare-down, so get your blinders on
I like to write my songs at night alone when all the lights are off
Let's tip-toe this beat real slow in fear of writer's block
and ride it gently like I don't want it's hymen popped
Ok, enough vagina talk,
This is my new car I'm driving with you in the back on childlock
Would anyone relate if I
said there's ice on the fire escape tonight
So it's not a good idea to escape the fire
Despite the fact it's burnin' down the place tonight?
You might slip, fly off and break your spine
And wouldn't you rather be in flames tonight
Grandpa Seth and I agree so we replaced the fire
extinguishers with gasoline-
what a way to die!


from Look Up Motherfucker​!​! [EP] (2011), released July 8, 2010
Words: p-teK
Sounds: Krang


all rights reserved


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