Jesus Was an Emcee

from by Protextor

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Jesus was an emcee
He preached about government greed
He just wanted to speak
He was beat up and stuck to a tree

Vs. 1
Now I'm not sayin' I'm a savior,
I'm not sayin' that my tune is heavy
and whether you think Jesus is God
or revolutionary,
realize the biggest accomplishments in this world
have been made because someone stopped a bit in this world
to observe and relay an objective criticism;
problem gets if congress simply bombs if they didn't listen.
But to really solve a problem floors must open for debate;
let's avoid that horrid border race
and simply storm the gates.
It's not a moral hate
and it's not a war on states—
it's a force of more than hate.
Not out of boredom do we form our rage!
But this can't be righteous rage,
for the righteous fall right by their blades
and there's lives to save…
We must admit when we are wrong
cause we can use our mistakes to rewrite our song.
So here's a protest with hope lest
we forget the moment,
Here's one song to let 'em know that
we gave one go, men .
So let it go then.
Everyone sing the sound.
Tell 'em that the one they claim to worship
would bring them down.

Vs. 2
In Biblical times, the spiritual was not minimalized,
restricted by minds frightened by realer insights…
A struggle with the truth was not feared or reviled
but seen as a clearer strive to find the real and divine
The idea was to wrestle with god
and the lessons he taught
cause no human thought process would ever evolve.
It means you're forever destined to crawl,
never to walk;
If you could understand god your head would dissolve.
So beware any human that tells you he's got
the message of god
all set and resolved—he was tempted by thought.
And that pride was Lucifer's sin
and the struggle that Jesus had with the human within.
You can't organize the divine into dogmatic constructs.
That's solving the unsolvable
not honoring God's trust
see faith isn't thinking that you've got it figured out—
it's the mission how you give up what you thought you'd figured out.
Faith is the struggle between the flesh and the spirit;
the constant battle we engage in on this temporal district.
Fundamentalists may tell you that they're blessed with the spirit…
If they say they got the answers that's just the devil in mirror-image
Let he with no sin cast the first stone
Or breathe the smoke in as it burns slow
The heathens throw thick fascist words so
you believe the notions that give them world-hold.


from Vocation (2006) [EP], released June 26, 2006


all rights reserved


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