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You're corporate
44th floor win-
dow and big floorplans
ooh, a silk throw pil-
low and twin armrests
Toes in those moccasins
Nose in the rows of snow
mixed with bottled gin
Floors below snow
blows in the howlin' wind
Oh so cold
blow for blow
you stand watching it
Focused on not a bit
but your consciousness
Though you don't notice
the snowglobe that you're watchin' in
The glass is too clear to see past
And those cracks in your mirror
matched all the years
of having to beat back
Now you lean back
And count up the greenbacks
The laughably crass math you've patterned to mean that
you're somethin'
you need to be patted on the back
You're humming
our beat while we're watching you eat pal
We're starting to beam down
Apocalypse dreams
So start runnin'
Funny, you never saw it comin'

Look up, motherfucker!
See you thought you owned this town
Look up, motherfucker!
Oh so you notice now?
You're just an ant to me
You're just an ant to me
Can't you see your fantasy is broke down
You're just an ant!

We arrived from the Gemini system
Tapped into your feeds for the satellite pictures
Patched all the links to establish our vision
And grad-u-al-ly made a macro-sized image
Patches of green seemed to be where you lived in
Concrete snaking like veins in the distance
that slipped into trees with willful persistence
Then bent and retreated back to civil partitions
You called them roads and they carried the blood cells
Ferried the lunch-pails back to hungry and numb jails
You called those cities if I recall our arrival
We were all about observing
You were all about survival
What tremendous conceit you possessed
You thought sentiency meant you were blessed
So you tinted the green to be gray like the rest
And we watched as the magicks of the planet were sapped

blastin' off
blasters cocked
cuz we saw how mad you are
Set a course for Delta City
where the savage war
for human worth seemed to take it's grandest toll
And we land, robots on a passive world
champions of a balance you had forgot
On this path you wrought
so distracted by anthropol
ogical thought that the plants were toxic rot
We watched you kill
and we watched you die
We watched you pray
to a godless sky.
We watched you watch back
with blotted eyes
We watched you look past
what we saw you hide
We watched your love for your
blocks and neighbors
We watched as that love
turned false and wayward
We walk among you now
So better watch your cages
We come from above but we are not your saviors.


from Look Up Motherfucker​!​! [EP] (2011), released July 8, 2010
Words: p-teK
Sounds: Krang


all rights reserved


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