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they talked shit I ain't give it though
no cuz they can't stop my stride
cuz my real friends really know this is when
i feel most alive
so shhh shiskabob
while i put my grill to the mic
if you really don't mind
i'm just killin' some time
with some venom I thought to write

can't turn my mind off
the second that I wind down turn the lights off
been livin' this way for an awful long time now
since I was yay high
i've hated nighttime
they said "go to the doctor
get some anxiety pills"
i said i don't have health insurance
and i'm savin' what money I do have up
to put this album out, stupid
so enough with the self-improvement
too many things on my to-do list
too many rings to rule the ghouls and
too many singers that aren't in tune yet
too bad since return of the boom bap
i blew past kids in every school's classroom
bastard wouldn't work in a group
too slow
cuz i already knew what i had to do

if i am anything in this world i'm honest
and if nothing else these words are toxic
to obnoxious little followers bloggin' about their first world problems
grow up whiners
i'm a self-centered asshole whiteboy
ya don't see me cryin!

cuz i'm brave enough to admit it
i knew exactly what made me different
didn't have to pick and choose from a list of moves
just got on the dance floor and hit it
half of these bitches don't have it within them
to go as manic as i get when i hear samlive say "sic 'em"
what's that saying bout standin the kitchen?
whatcha saying when i'm snappin the picture?
i see ya working on crafting an image
oh you're crafty but i ain't seen any actual energy
all game no heart
all play no smarts
since when don't artists
create no art?!
so go ahead kid, and rap for the riches
top cat don't rap for the kittens
and when you hear "who stole the soul" and the irony hits
i'll get another masterpiece written
dig it.

they thought they knew me cuz they saw my insides
but all they really knew was that i looked tired
they thought i grew because i stood a bit higher
but it's an illusion -- i'm hoisted up by these wires
i'm flying on stage and i'm crawling on land
i'm buying my way with pockets of grandiose posturing and
i'm buying my verses with pockets full of punchlines
like an old lady counting out change at the store to get a persona
(so what?)
networking? i'm terrible at it
i thought this game was meritocratic
well apparently that isn't all that's it's cracked up to be
and the fact is that we ain't in a fairy tale adam
you've been very romantic
and it's been cute
but the fact is you've lost something very
important on the path to becoming a
character actor...

but I lived before I talked shit
didn't try to copy shock jocks
to walk in
(if i am anything in this world i'm honest)
so fuck shocking
been done, they got it
rather take a harder path and actually mark this
territory with up some smart shit
and stay true to me but how to market myself as a new rapper if I'm not retarded?
(to the TARDIS!)
i'll appeal to your sense of "do what's right"
scrap it up on every track
like do or die
meiko kaji's been so quiet
but she's about to duke and dice
bring out the katana blade
prove the style
when the scorpion stings
in the right place
at the right time
hard to deny
stars are aligned
i'll be me you be you


from Oh! What a Miracle! [LP] (2011), released September 1, 2011
Lyrics by p-teK (ASCAP).
Produced and mixed by Krang.
Recorded at Claw's Castle at Austin, TX.
All rights reserved.


all rights reserved


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