Momma Raised Me Right

from by Protextor

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A Mother's Day gift for my mom.


Vs 1:
When I was 6 I scratched my knee
My momma picked up and put me in the bath and she
Told me it's not the end of the world
Patched me up n got me back out to play
with the other kids in the woods
When I was 8 she provided me a science lab
Shot my home movies for me on the VHS-cam
Me and my friends would stage monster fights
She would help us make the fake blood
and say, 'watch the carpet guys!'
And I was really into Goosebumps
she would take me to the bookstore every month to get the new ones
She even took me to Kung Fu once
But I was picky so she stayed with my hobbies til I found a "cool" one
And then supported it
If I adored it then
It became important for her to show me how to go with it
She was the first one to show me that books were fun
When I wanted to learn
she'd show me how to look it up

Yeah yeah
It's a crazy life
I thank God momma raised me right

Vs 2:
Want to hear something impossibly amazing?
My mom could stop me from raging
but simply stopping and explaining
For instance -- this kid at school was obnoxious and a pain in my
butt callin' me names and bein' angry
I told my mom and she told me that sucks
but be sympathetic
People who act like that are usually sad
inside their heads
Don't let it get to you you're better than that
hold your head up
and respect them
And when I asked her what sex was
She wasn't nervous
she was a nurse and
she explained it like I'd get it
Matter fact that's the heart of the matter
I may be her baby but she never softened the facts
She treated me like I was smart enough to handle it
and at the same time was patient with the parts that I couldn't handle yet
I wonder if she realizes how impressive that is
Or to a young mind what a great message that sends

I never doubted for once in my life I was loved
And still I can't believe that I got such good luck
To have such an amazing woman backing me up
From the first day of my life to all the days to come

Vs 3:
When times were tough
she let me know it was okay to cry
when times were great
She told me I could fly
And to this day I rely
on her h onest straightforward advice
I don't know what I'd do without her moral insight
She told me how to treat girls nice
How to turn the other cheek
How to be proud of my work
How to be
How to love how to speak how to run how to dream
I thank God every day that my Mom made me

Coda (Spoken):
And when I moved away from home
my mom said "Go make yourself proud"
I'm proud already Mom. I get to say you raised me.
Here's to the woman who read to me every night, kept my head on straight, and let me follow my heart always. I'm too lucky. I love you Mom.


from Play Nice Mixtape (2012), released March 1, 2012
lyrics/vox by p-teK
produced by Krang


all rights reserved


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