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Vs 1:
I’m feelin’ fucked up
I can’t stop my head from spinnin’
around round round
round round round
Y’all got me choked up
so if ya got it come get the rope and don’t let me
down down down
down down down

I don’t even really wanna think about that tonight
Just close your eyes
It’ll be alright
I don’t even really wanna deal with your shit tonight
Just get me high
Turn off the lights and close the blinds
and we can...

Vs 2:
Everybody lookin’ at ya sideways
times ain’t the same when you come
around round round
round round round
Everything it don’t stop
Everybody gonna change and many gonna let you
down down down
down down down
I keep on wastin’ my time
I keep on changing my mind
I keep on layin’ in bed awake in the night
afraid of my life
But I keep ‘em naked all night
I ain’t ashamed of my pride
cuz pain cannot lie
one day I’ll stop by
this rage is not fake and this cage is not mine

Bridge 1:
Got an ex I’m still in love with
got a test I’m still not done with
got a mess in the kitchen
and bedroom
in debt for a couple hundred bucks
every month to the electric company
invest in my own company
stress for the cess, cess for the stress
and let’s not forget this pressure in my chest

Bridge 2:
I just want to fade away
I just want to know I’m OK
but they keep on whisperin'
and I keep on listenin’
and they never go away
I take their venom
I push it against them
and I throw back my drink and say
Yo, fuck you but --

Vs 3 (Rap):
Everybody wanna be up on the top now
things look different when you see ‘em from the top down
King Frog but you livin’ in a swamp now
Get a bigger lilypad and watch it how they hop out
they got a beat
but never heard how a heart sound
let ‘em learn it gone
I’m better to do my heart proud
stack of dead presidents
Ledger it
burn it all down
head up in the dark clouds forever
call me Charlie Brown
I been down for minute
Caved up dirty kitchen man
Dishes drippin’ dirty water
like they live in Flint, Michigan
and I wish that I could flick ya
cuz i hate bein’ the bigger man
but I’ma keep it 100
10 times til I hit a grand
gonna run it
cuz he gunnin’ the show
what you think?
do you want it or no?
cuz ain’t nobody gonna give ya
nothin’ under the door
so if you want it
come and get it
take a little control
oh no! baby gonna go broke
oh no!
it ain’t nothin’ but some promo
everyone is sellin’ what they can’t afford to get
ya can’t afford a peace of mind
when there’s a war outside your crib
you never go home


from American Neon, released September 8, 2017
written by Adam Protextor and Matt Puckett

Adam Protextor: vocals
Matt Puckett: guitars, vocals, keys, horn arrangements
Josh Halpern: drums
Sam Pankey: bass

The Wet Horns are Andrew Fontenot (tenor sax), Roy Thomas (trumpet), Isaac Winburne (alto sax)

produced by Matt Puckett
engineered by Evan Kaspar at Estuary Recording in Austin, TX
mixed by Will Hensley
mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound in New York, NY


all rights reserved



Protextor Austin, Texas

Emcee, writer, performer, talk show host, Prince superfan, pop lifer.

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