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Gimme a pal and a bobsled
Like Calvin and Hobbes had
Cuz I'm a Calvin and Hobbes kid
I do what Calvin and Hobbes did
No to the catholic doctrine
Yes to the path lesser walked and
less backin' off outta caution
More than I ought to have on me
Or like that slob and his Bob-friend
into nautical nonsense
Since Aqua's Barbie Doll dropped been
off The Rock with Sean Con
p-teK's VX
who should I drop this bomb on?
Part Rolph, part Parappa
All dog
Off the wagon
barkin' up every tree
markin' up every street
and I gotta believe

Gimme a reason to protest
Cuz I can see through the toastin'
You raise a glass to your movement
I pay the tab with a smooth diss
I ain't hatin' to prove shit
I'm just the patient
I'm estranged from the cool kids
So when they tell you it's cool it
just means that you shouldn't do it
cuz in a week or so it'll be cool
to eschew it
You want a Dutch pick a tulip
I'll fall in love after school ends
Half of me is too in
the other half could give two shits
So I guess that I'm 4 it
the ego is the undertow
Can you swim?
I don't think we're goin' under though

We live underwater
We swim towards the shore
We live sons and daughters
Kick our heels and bend our oars


from The Undertow [EP] (2012), released May 1, 2012


all rights reserved


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