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Take it back to the basics
Department of Public Safety, bitch no time for a facelift
Basically a mage to make some entertainment to change the feeling of caged-in for laymen
(ha ha ha ha, haha ha ha ha ha)
You wanna party, aw, find a party dog time's are changin'
We used to play house parties in the basement
Now we party in the lot at the Day's Inn
Just face the sad hard fact, it's amazing
Looked for a backdoor trap or way in
I used to backpack rap to attract fans
Now we groove the beat like you s'posed to for the rap fans
It used to be to prove yourself you pack the rhymes close
A B A B CC baby breathe in through your nostrils
Nobody cares how well you rhyme if you be out of breath
So just spit first, maybe later you can count the checks

This is
The Department

Grandpa Seth plays the Terminator X
On the mic is yours truly by the name of teK
Bust the vocab--the words can break up necks
With the beat the feeling's better than make-up sex
Take a guess
Where it's from, Midwest
But not the sad, monotone, self-deprecating Midwest
Or some weed-rap nerdcore, speed-happy herbivore
cab in the snow cell-block awaiting Midwest
This is not two minute intros beats that never end
This is not skits or answering machine messages
This is not spoken word or mean death thr-eats
This is not hell-bent or heaven-sent
This is not an angry message to the President
This is not testosterone, this is not estrogen
This is a departure
Not adrenaline
A sharp word
Not a nemesis
A partner
Not good penmanship
A carver
Not a residence

The Department
You can find us kickin' back on the farm, sure
We'll bring the new shit from show to show
But never get cocky or you find yourself floatin home
The Department
The kind of hip-hop you weren't sure was on the market
We bring the type of sound you been dyin' to hear
Somewhere between a pioneer and a pint of beer
The Department
The Department


from Look Up Motherfucker​!​! [EP] (2011), track released July 8, 2010
Words: p-teK
Sounds: Krang


all rights reserved


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