Unless We Get Snow

from by Protextor

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Midwest love.


Vs 1:
I was conceived out of love
in the spring when the birds sang
Valentine's kiss
and a beat for my first days
Grew in the summer when the sun
makes the earth bake
born in winter
smelled death on my birthday
the caramel sweet scent
that you get when leaves die
and the freeze dry
of the cold air
makes the beat live
punctuates every sound in the silence
heat slides inside of it
like this
Like you speak a word that cracks a hole
in the frozen air
and you can hold it there
and I was born to bear
the deepest of the cold with care
and keep the springtime passion buried deep underneath the snowy layers
I know how to sleep
and I know all my prayers
cuz it gets so lonely here
see in the winter you feel alone and bare
I feel right at home
I'm a polar bear

There ain't nobody that I wanna be
next to right now
But I can think of a few places
where I could lay down
and I would feel so peaceful
I would let it all go
but that's not gonna happen
unless we get snow

Vs 2:
I miss seeing the leaves fall
turn red
yellow and orange
the air was mellow and warm
a cold breeze
and the smell of the storms
you could feel it on your skin
you could see it in the stores
the people would close up shop
before the sirens
cuz it might get hot right before the ice hits
water clung to the air
and it stuck to your lungs
drowning in cold steam
it was love on the run
and it was so fuckin' fun
to chase danger from the skyline
there's a tornado
you navigate while I drive
why hide?
this may be our only chance to tame her
let's go dance with nature
let's take a tent,
a blanket, and let the rain burn
and we can stay on that gravel road for days girl
I really used to think that
that we could just keep driving until the brakes burst

Vs 3:
When I was younger I would lie on my rooftop
Lookin' at the stars
thinkin' life is a good pop
song and I'm the singer
yeah my voice is golden
didn't understand how you'd be scared to hold it
but now I hold it in
afraid of the fire
I got burnt too many times
and I've stayed a survivor
through the flames and ignitors
that I turned off a long time ago
maybe I'm trying
too hard to reclaim those nights or
maybe I forgot that it could be a nightmare
but even at its worst I was being alive there
I was me and I liked it
now the stars have names
and winter just means
I have a car to scrape
and on the darkest days
I think back on the starting place
it was so hard
but i really miss
those scars and pain
So don't run away
I'm freezing
but there's snow on the ground
let's play


from Play Nice Mixtape (2012), released March 1, 2012
lyrics/vox by p-teK
produced by Krang


all rights reserved


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